Tenax means to pull through graspingly, to cling on, to be tough enough to survive, to stand steadfast in the heart of tragedy.

If you have ever been in a disaster aftermath, you understand that it is more than the physical loss that can bring you to a breaking point. Everything gets cluttered and you don’t even know where to begin repairing the damage. Tenax Foundation is an branch of T Legacy dedicated to providing disaster relief kits and plans for victims of disasters. With volunteer help we distribute these kits as well as any labor available to disaster locations immediately after they occur. Our goal is to be able to react immediately with help to those who need it.  

During active disaster situations and aftermaths, all registered volunteers are asked to respond as quick as possible for them. Those who are able are asked to quickly jump up to their responsibility. Quick Response is our goal.

Share our program. This program thrives only in sharing a way to help those in need. It gives an easy channel that we can serve others and give when we are able. Every level of donation is appreciated to the maximum level possible.